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Orissa Wool Industries is a manufacturer of premium Quality Woolen, Nylon and Cotton Garments. We have been in this manufacturing sector since 1979. Although we operate as a small Scale Industry (SSI), we have shown in the past the ability to adapt to changing market scenarios and willing to experiment with new manufacturing techniques in order to achieve the quality and finish desired by our clients. Our company always emphasizes on improving quality and finishing rather than the typical focus on just cost cutting and volume expansion.
We have a Robust product portfolio consisting Of Woolen, Nylon and Cotton Product. We manufacture woolen sweaters, woolen socks, woolen hose tops, nylon socks and cotton socks as per ISI standards. The process of manufacturing is fully automatic and motorized. We have the best skilled workers in the industry who are our partners in progress. School Uniforms, Factory uniforms and Corporate uniforms have also been added to our existing product portfolio.

We are registered with DIC, Industries department and Directorate of Export Promotion and Marketing of Odisha. We are also approved government suppliers and rate contract holders.
We are financially very sound and deliver on time. Our banker sience 1979 has been Canara Bank, main branch, choudury bazaar, cuttack-2 and have stood by us through out.
Our client include the Odisha Police, Odisha Fire service, Odisha Homeguards, CISF, SOG, Naval Eastern Command, Defence Establishments, Nalco, Indian Rare Earth Ltd, Railways, PPT, IDCOL, Forest and Various other Government and private schools and Establishments.
The best raw materials like woolen yarn, nylon yarn, cotton yarn, elastic yarn, lycra yarn, Uniform cloths etc are procured from leading manufacturers of repute and than processed in various elaborate stages to arrive at the end products strictly keeping in mind the quality and finish of the products.
This unit is the dream child of Ms. Radhika Prasad Nanda an entrepreneur of repute who established the unit more than three decades back when there was very little industrialization in the state. It now runs as a partnership firm under 2 partners Mr. Ram Prasad Nanda and Mrs. Geeta Nanda.

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